2023 2nd International Conference on Tourism and Environmental Sustainability (TEES 2023)


I. Submit to Jornal Paper (EI-JA)


EAI Endorsed Transactions on Energy Web

eISSN: 2032-944X

All accepted full papers will be selected and then submitted to EAI Endorsed Transactions on Energy Web (eISSN: 2032-944Xand will be submitted to EI-JA/Scopus  for indexing.


Article types

  • Research article: Articles (4000-8000 words) that report original research and which present objective, questions, methods, results, discussions, and conclusions.

  • Review article: In-depth review articles (4000-8000 words) of topics that build upon comprehensive references to the published literature. These articles are meant to offer relevant concepts, frameworks, theoretical proposals, and limitations in the topic covered.

  • Commentary: Commentary pieces and columns are short articles (typically up to 1000 words) that reflect the opinion of the author(s) on a topic of interest, written for a broad audience. These may be stand-alone pieces or part of a regular series.

  • Editorial: These are written by the editor(s) or invited researchers (1000-2000 words) to discuss broader issues related to the articles published in the issue, the journal or certain topics relevant to the journal.

  • Technical Article: Technical articles are original reports on specialist technical work, written for a professional audience. There are no minimum or maximum length constraints, but articles should be long enough to clearly explain the work carried out, while not of an excessive length that distorts rather than increases understanding.

  • Short communications: Short articles (1000-2500 words) containing original research pieces. They should not be preliminary reports or contain purely incremental data and should be of significance and broad interest to the journal's research community.

II. Submit to Jornal Paper (EI/Scopus)


All accepted full papers will be selected and then submitted to CEUR Workshop Proceedings (ISSN: 1613-0073) and will be submitted to EI-/Scopus  for indexing.

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